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Rent a cube to showcase your work in our retail space!

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Hey maker, are you ready to make magic happen?​

Come sell your creations at in.cube8r alongside
227 other local artists!

"Rent a Cube" in one of our gorgeous gift shops in Melbourne where we'll expose you to hundreds of customers every day!

This is your year for your creative business to thrive!
Here at in.cube8r we’re all about holding your hand to help you not only craft your creative business, but also help you sell your work to the public as well!
Come sell your creations at in.cube8r alongside heaps of other local makers! When you “rent a cube” in one of our gorgeous gift shops in Melbourne we’ll expose you to hundreds of customers every day as well as provide you feedback & mentorship to help you grow your business and build your brand.
Basically, we’ll bring the customers, you bring the products – It’s a match made in heaven! Oh, and did we mention you keep 100% of your sales? Yeah… it’s kinda our thing (and we’ve been doing it since 2007!)
You can choose to sell in one store, multiple or even as one of our cube-light online members… in all cases, we charge no commission on sales. What you make goes right into your pocket (good thing most of our seamstresses include pockets in their garments!).
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How renting a cube works

Become a member

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As a member of the cube-fam you get more than just a place to sell your stuff… You get a community of like-minded people, working together and cheering each other on from the sidelines.

As a member, you can list your handmade products on our online store without paying any commission on sales, and we handle the customer service and shipping of items to our customers.

We do all the marketing of the store and shipping of orders received via our website, so you are able to sit back and focus on the part you really love… making!

Membership Costs

  • Sell your products on our high traffic website
  • An SEO optimised online store on our marketplace
  • Inclusion in our curated handmade gift guides
  • Be included in our in our social media content
  • Your brand featured in our email marketing
  • Opportunities to advertise in high profile publications
  • Real time reporting of your sales
  • Keep 100% of your sales

Choose your cube & location

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Our spaces are divided into glass cube display cabinets, clothing racks, shelves, slatwalls, and visual art spaces which are all available for local makers to rent and fill with their handmade products.

At in.cube8r, we believe you should be able to exhibit what you like without paying any comission on sales, so our spaces are commission free.

As each location has different staffed hours, foot traffic, demographics and number of spaces, cubes and spaces are priced by the day.

cube rental Costs

$ 5-$13 PER DAY
All membership inclusions, PLUS:
  • Sell your products in our stores
  • Control over your branding, props and display
  • You choose your pricing & promotions
  • Have your products featured in our shop window
  • Leverage the followings of your fellow cubers
  • Get feedback your friends and family won't give you
  • Real time reporting of your sales
  • Keep 100% of your sales

our next cube intake ends in

Apply anyway... sometimes spots come up unexpectedly!

choose your location

- made by Elle-May

Fitzroy Flagship Store

Ask anyone where they can buy beautiful handmade gifts in Melbourne and they will tell you to visit that little pink shop on Smith Street where we’ve been cubin’ since 2007!

Our Smith Street store has been featured in many fantastic publications in the last few years including Peppermint MagazineVisit Victoria and Time Out.

Find out more about joining us in Fitzroy, which is one of the longest operating handmade stores in Australia!

- made by Elle-May

Melbourne Central (opening August 2024)

After a raging success testing the market over 15 months in 2023 Melbourne Central has invited in.cube8r back in our very own forever home!

Located on the ground floor with some pretty amazing shop frontage & signage features, we KNOW this is going to be absolutely fantastic for our Cubers! 

Spaces are limited, we’re already nearly at capacity!

here's the nitty gritty details

The nitty gritty

Cubes are released seasonally and are subject to availability. For more information on each store’s location, pricing, and more click through to the individual store pages.

If you can’t find the answers here and you’re keen to get involved, but still unsure about the best space for you or how suitable your products are – check out the pages for each of the stores below and then apply to join the cube fam with your burning questions noted on the last page of the application… we can then get back to you with some sizzling answers! This way we can review your application in detail and come back to you with specific answers that suit you and your brand. 

Rates & Fees

This section outlines all the fees and charges you may need to pay as a cuber. 

Only the membership fee, cube rental fee & remote fee (if applicable) are payable every month. The other items are one-off fees or only apply in special cases where we need to set aside considerable time and effort to assist you in managing your cube outside of what we offer on the day to day.

New cubers will be charged an enrolment fee of $50 which covers setting up of your accounts in our sales portal, hand holding through the induction process & a review of your sales with suggestions on how to improve after 4 weeks of having your items available for sale in store.

You will need to request your review via the sales portal and it will be sent to you by email within 7 days of your request.

This fee is $68 and is payable every month. It covers the administrative side of what we do, and you only need to pay it once each month (ie, if you’re in two stores you don’t pay it twice)

To work out the costs involved, you’ll need to add the the membership fee ($68/month) to the daily rate of your desired cube (times number of days in a month). 

Most cubes range from $5-$11 dollars per day. However special rates apply to your monthly cuber membership for out of the box ideas & products, (this is only paid once per month, per artist, regardless of how many stores you’re selling in).

Average Monthly Cost (30 day month)

  • Fitzroy:  $200-$230/month (daily rate x 31 + membership $68)
  • Melbourne Central: between $347 and $409 per month / per space (daily rate x 31 + membership $68)
  • Cubers in multiple stores only pay membership once so it works out a little cheaper!

Cubers residing in a different state or sending postal restocks to in.cube8r will incur an extra 10% fee on their cube rental price(s). This fee is to account for the added management and maintenance of their space. It includes the extra time and care needed for an unmanaged cube, and also grants the cuber a comprehensive stock-take every 3 months, along with additional communication and support to assist them in connecting with their space. To request your quarterly stock-take, please submit a request via the cuber sales portal.

Note: This fee is only payable when a cuber fails to maintain their inventory resulting in issues in processing sales, or when requested by the cuber.  

Should a stock-take be required we will request that you come in and complete this yourself. If you are unable to do so, you can request for us to do it, which will be charged at 20c per item in the restock*. An invoice will be sent to you after the stock-take is completed. If you require us to package and post stock back to you, we will charge a packing fee of $10 on top of the shipping costs, or more if the package contains breakable items or takes more than 15 minutes of staff time to complete. *Interstate cubers are entitled to one stock take per 3 months, as this is included in their interstate fee.

Note: This fee is only payable when a cuber fails to label their items appropriately. We provide label printing services in store for free (where you can request and add the labels yourself) as well as the option to have labels posted to you. The labelling fee only applies where a cuber requests us to relabel their items due to price changes or labelling issues) but you always have the option to label yourself and not pay the fee).
If your items are sent to us without being labelled with scannable barcodes including all items on the official in.cube8r label we may need to charge a labelling fee which will be charged at 20c per label. In the case where it is not clear which label goes on which item (for example, when no label or description has been added to the items) a stock-take fee will also be charged to cover the additional labor this creates for our team. You will be given the option to either pay for the restock to be returned to you (at your cost) with printed labels for you to affix and send back, or to pay the fees outlined above.
To assist with rising costs that go along with selling tens of thousands of items each month, we have started charging an admin fee on-top of each item at the POS (not applicable online) – This item appears on the label, but it on-charged to the customer (ie, we show it on the label to be transparent and not sneak a fee at checkout) but you will not need to pay this to us. This fee is xx per item

Contracts / Membership / Availability

The minimum term to rent a cube is 3 months, after which you’ll switch to a month by month agreement. We have this minimum, not to lock you in, but because we know that it takes 3 months to get a realistic idea of how your sales will go at in.cube8r (or in any retail setting really). Our customers don’t come in every week. Some come in every month, every second month or maybe twice a year.

3 months gives us time to promote you multiple times on our social media, introduce you to our mailing list, include you in our email marketing campaigns & gift guides, and make suggestions and improvements to help you get the most out of being a cuber.

We pay our artists in the first 3 days of the month, we also invoice you for your rent at the same time. We don’t take your rent from your sales, unless your rent is a month late. 

We used to offer this option, but we find that Cubers tend to get the best results when they rent a cube as well. And we’re not really about e-commerce (though we do spend an extraordinary amount of time on it!).

We’re not like Etsy or other handmade websites, we have phsyical stores engaging with the public 7 days a week, and showcasing your products in their glory, for people to hold in their little hands and hopefully walk away with on the spot! We create content with your products, we curate window displays and marketing campaigns, and we engage with your clients on your behalf. And we do a real good job of it too!

Essentially we’re your market away from the market, and you don’t need to pay us an hourly rate to turn up on the day and run the stall – it’s all included in your membership fees!

Yes you can!

Sometimes, we have artists wanting to collaborate & share a space, we are happy to accomodate. 

The way we do this, is that you’ll both apply & become a member (and pay a membership fee each) which means we will be able to create you seperate dashboards, your products and sales will be linked to you, and we can invoice you seperately. This means you both get equal representation & things are kept neat and tidy administration wise

We will then split the cost of the cube between each of you, so if you’re renting a $11 per day cube, we will invoice you $5.50 each.

If you would like to do this, please do two seperate application forms, and mention in the application what you would like to do, so we can know how to set things up in the back end.


We don’t require artists to do shifts in the shop! Meet our team here

If you go to the individual store pages for Melbourne Central / Fitzroy Flagship stores you’ll find info on all the available spaces and what products are best suited to them. If you don’t find the info you need, just get in touch, we’re happy to help!

We try to keep our rates as low as possible but we know that not everyone enjoyes the same level of privilage as others. That’s why we invented the cuber fund, a sponsorship fund to allow us to fund discounted Cubes for artists who need an extra hand. Check it out here

We do a cube drive every few months to promote newly available spots to our audience. That said, we usually have a cube or two available, so you can apply any time! If your desired spot isn’t available, we’ll add you to the wait list!

You don’t need any of these things, though insurance is often a good idea. When you sign up, you can declare yourself a hobby artist, or you can provide your ABN. If you’re registered for GST we will ask you to note that when listing your items, and this way it will be noted on any receipts provided to customers for your sales. We will pay the GST amount to you to declare to the ATO, since we don’t take commission on sales we don’t add GST on top. 

The minimum term to rent a cube is 3 months, after which you’ll switch to a month by month agreement. We have this minimum not to lock you in, but because we know that it takes 3 months to get a realistic idea of how your sales will go at in.cube8r (or in any retail setting really). Our customers don’t come in every week. Some come in every month, every second month or maybe twice a year.

3 months gives us time to promote you multiple times on our social media, introduce you to our mailing list, include you in our email marketing campaigns & gift guides, and make suggestions and improvements to help you get the most out of being a cuber.

Yep! We have quite a few interstate Cubers and are happy to provide this service.  We will ask you to either print your labels at home, or get us to post them to you ahead of time so they come labelled up and ready to put out on the sales floor. We also have guides as to how we would like you to package your items to send to us, but overall it’s much the same as being a local cuber! Please note: interstate Cubers and those requiring us to manage their space for them will need to pay the Remote Fee / Interstate fee on-top of their cube rates as managing these spaces takes considerable time away from other activities. Additional services are also offered along with this fee, see above section about this fee for more information. 

Some spaces can have power, many have lighting. We ask you to provide your own props and signage, though we do have some you may be able to use which has been left behind from other Cubers. It’s best to try and find items that suit your branding though, and also that are functional to help display your items. We have hooks for slatwalls available, and are happy to provide guidance as to ways to display your items on request. 

Our Services / Marketing​

We see ourselves as being a part of your brands marketing team, so while we can provide the platform to sell on, exposure to our audiences, creation of content including your products, inclusion in our gift guides and other marketing campaigns we’re never going to be able to play the part you do as the brain behind the brand.

It’s important when running a handmade brand to be creating regular content and marketing online (and ideally going out to market as well) – people support small businesses as they want to know where their money is going and how it’s promoting social good!

However what we do offer is ongoing mentorship and feedback. We’re here to bounce ideas off & give tips and tricks that we’ve learned from talking to our other Cubers day-to-day! All included in your membership at in.cube8r!

Inventory / Displays / Products

Our point of sale system is linked to our online store, so as soon as something is sold in store the inventory is removed from online. Similarly, as soon as an order comes in, we aim to remove the item from the sales floor to ensure no double-ups occur. 

If you have your items listed on your own online store or another marketplace and need the item removed from the sales floor, you can contact us via your dashboard with the product link and we will remove it as soon as we see the message. You can remove the item from online yourself immediately. 

At in.cube8r, we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring our system works in real time, so you always know what’s available for purchase and what has sold – any time. 

We always recommend starting with less than you think! We find that often when cubes are first set up, there is far too much stock added… it’s best to give your creations some room to breathe and some space between items for best visual merchandising results. So, if you don’t have heaps of stock don’t stress, chat to us and we will recommend what we think will work best for your unique brand and business. 

You are welcome to this, however we don’t really recommend it… with markets happening on weekends, often the busiest days of the week at in.cube8r, taking stock out means that it’s not there when customers pop in to buy it! Of course though, the occasional weekend is fine – and at the end of the day it’s your stock to do as you wish with! We don’t own it, you are your own boss!

While we do allow illustrators to have their products printed onto various products overseas, we don’t allow manufacturing of garments, jewellery or other items our customers expect to be handmade by the artist in our collection. We allow exceptions where the items cannot be produced in the country (enamel pins for example) and in the case where the artists IP is being printed onto another item.

While we don’t see anything inherently “wrong” with manufacturing in other countries, it’s simply not what our customers are looking for at in.cube8r – and we’re here to help them access products made by local artists. 

Yes and no. Each cuber is welcome to leave a small amount of excess stock with us in our storage cupboards, no more than a shoebox (or small box for those who make larger items). 

In regards to packaging, we require your packaging to be kept in your cube if you want your items to be packaged up with it when we make a sale.

With more than a hundred Cubers it would be impossible to remember who’s boxes are who’s and keep it organised if not within your space. That said, it’s not neccessary to provide packaging – we do free gift wrapping for our customers in store with our own packaging.

We do however recommend jewellers provide packaging for their items, as a way of making the items look more lovely when opened by the recipient!

Absolutely! In regards to custom orders, we will ask you after joinig to let us know your personal policies around custom orders – and we will follow these when customers enquire. Especially in the case of rings and items that may come in different sizes, we will often try to recommend this if someone loves your items but it doesn’t fit them. 

Laybuys are available to customers and we are happy to provide this service. In the case of a laybuy we will pay you the entire amount once the laybuy is completed, usually within a few weeks of the initial deposit taken. 

We also offer pay-in-4 through PayPal for our online shoppers (or in store shoppers who choose to buy online with Pay-in-4 while in store) who wish to buy now – pay later. 

We recommend you provide business cards for customers to take, as well as some kind of branding / signage to make your space your own. Our cuber tutorials have recommendations around this and we are happy to provide you some guidance if you get stuck.

Packaging is not necessary , however we are happy to use your packaging if you desire. 

Customers are informed that should they wish to return an item we only allow exchanges within the same Cubers range for change of mind / gift purchases. 

In the case of faulty items, we are required by law to refund the customer – and in these cases we will retrieve the payment back from you. This however happens very rarely. 

Sales / Policies / in.cube8r Systems

We’re tried our hardest to make our systems as easy to use as possible, and we’ve created video and written tutorials for you to help you along the way. We also run regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions via Video Meeting, so you can come along and ask for help there if you need it! 

Besides adding the products to the portal, there’s not much else you need to do besides logging in occasionally to read memos and check your sales / inventory. You will recieve emails whenever you make a sale.

No not at all, we’ve build a system that creates labels which you can print at home, but you can also request them via the portal to be printed ready for you when you come into the store, or can have posted to you ahead of time for affixing to your product before you bring / send them in!

We’re in store 7 days a week so you can always pop in for a chat if you get stuck, you can also ask a question via the portal or email us anytime with questions, we try to respond to them within 24 hours where ever possible!

We’ve tried to do as much documentation as possible to make it easy for you to get everything sorted ahead of time, but we understand that we have Cubers from all walks of life and are happy to provide extra assistance and guidance where needed. 

what are you waiting for?