Our artists keep 100% of their sales!

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Sell your creations at our Fitzroy Flagship Store!


Our Smith Street store has been featured in many fantastic publications in the last few years including Peppermint MagazineVisit Victoria and Time Out.

Ask anyone where they can buy beautiful handmade gifts in Melbourne and they will tell you to visit that little pink shop on Smith Street!

Here at in.cube8r Fitzroy, our spaces are divided into glass cube display cabinets, clothing racks, shelves, slatwalls, and visual art spaces, which are all available for local makers to rent and fill with their handmade products.

At in.cube8r we believe you should be able to exhibit what you like without paying any commission on sales, so our spaces are commission free.

As each location has different staffed hours, foot traffic, demographics and number of spaces, they are priced by the day.

Smith Street has come a long way in recent years, going from that part of town that only the bravest would face to being recently named “the coolest street in the world” in a Time Out Survey. 

While we’re not sure how that data was collated, we are sure that it’s a pretty fine shopping strip filled with some of the best shops in Melbourne, and we’re proud to have been hanging out here since 2007!

This store is a long galley style layout, with a swirling green floor and hot pink highlights. Perhaps the more grungy of our locations, we’re pretty proud of this trail blazer rocker of a store – she’s survived a pandemic after all!

What you’ll get

  • An additional sales channel for your business that doesn’t require you to sit at market or do online advertising (but you still need to promote your cube!)
  • Your products in your own branded space 7 days a week 
  • 100% of your sales
  • Your very own SEO optimsed landing page on our busy online store featuring your products
  • The ability to offer pickup for your customers from Fitzroy or Melbourne Central 
  • No need to worry about all the selling, public liability insurance, customer service, packaging, merchant fees and other expenses (planned and unexpected)
  • Inclusion in in.cube8r’s marketing efforts

One thing our artists love about selling with us is the way we bring our products together in interesting and unique ways that feature our makers front and centre. 

As a cuber, you can expect for your products to be marketed 

  • in our curated gift guides
  • on our instagram, facebook & other social platforms
  • via our email marketing 
  • in our window displays
  • in person, via our staff in store when customer’s ask for specific themes / items.

As a cuber you can expect to be kept in the know about what’s planned for the coming months so you can be prepared & add products that are complimentary to our marketing efforts!

And … a humble brag

In a recent survey our cubers 95% said they were happy, or exceptionally happy with in.cube8r’s marketing of both the store and their brand, which we’re pretty bloody proud of!


We don’t want to give away our entire marketing strategy here for obvious reasons, but have a look at our instagram for an idea of how we like to market our artists, and how you’ll in turn be marketed by us! 


  • Avatar 1: Under 30 year old students and young people going out to Smith Street for brunch or coffee with friends, and if it’s the weekend they’re probably on their way to (or from) meeting our makers over at the Rose Street Market. This crew are often buying for themselves and many purchases are impulse buys. Lower price point purchases, more often. They tend to love our illustrators, pin makers and cute earrings. Often, they are artists themselves!
  • Avatar 2: Left leaning (mostly but not exclusively) women and non-binary people aged 25+. Often buying themselves a treat after work or buying a gift for a colleague, friend or loved one. Tend to spend $40-$100 on gifts, and buy themselves things they love regardless of price. 
  • Avatar 3: People looking for special one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery, fashion or art and willing to pay the asking price. Aged 35+, they know what they like and they buy it when they see it. They may also custom order something in their size, colour or theme and they understand that handmade means a slightly higher price point than what you’ll find elsewhere in Fitzroy. They love supporting the arts, and they are proud to be in.cube8r regulars, popping in on pay day to see what’s new in the cube. 
  • Avatar 4: Those guys who come to us every single year for their gifts, as they know we’re gonna help them find something perfect for their wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother (sometimes even the ex-girlfriend). This dude isn’t too fussed on budget, he just wants the right thing for the right person. And we love to see it! 

cube rental Costs

$3-$7 PER DAY
  • Keep 100% of your sales
  • All membership inclusions PLUS
  • Control over your branding, props and display
  • You choose your pricing & promotions
  • Have your products featured in our shop window
  • Leverage the followings of your fellow cubers
  • Get feedback your friends and family won't give you
  • Real time reporting of your sales

pricing & terms

Our Fitzroy space has been operating so long, that we have tried and true regulars and limited available spaces to rent. 

As with our other spaces, we’ve kept our costs as low as possible while also making sure to budget for advertising & marketing costs to help you sell more gorgeous things!

There are less than 20 of each space option available, so do get in quick if you would like a spot!

- made by Elle-May

Premium cubes

Premium Cube$6.80$7.48

40 x 40 x 40 cm cube at eye level or just below eye level (top to rows) suitable for jewellery and small items. Most cubes have a locked door, but we have limited cubes available without for those cubers who prefer people be able to touch their items.

- made by Elle-May

Lower cubes

Lower Cube$5.70$6.27

40 x 40 x 40 cm cube at knee level suitable for bulkier jewellery that won’t be lost down low as well as mid sized items. Most cubes have a locked door, but we have limited cubes available without for those cubers who prefer people be able to touch their items. In some cases, we may offer you the cube below as well.

* WINTER PROMO: MAKE IT A DOUBLE! (Get the cube underneath free!)
Available to new cubers on a 3 month contract while cubes last (limited)

- made by Elle-May

Stacker cubes

Stacker Cube$6.80$7.48

Free standing stacker cubes in the centre of the store for makers who have more stock (for example those with skincare, or candles or other items where they may like to have samples on top and packaged items underneath)

- made by Elle-May

Large Art Walls

Art Walls$4.62$5.08
A 2.4m high & 1m (or a little wider) slat wall space to hand small to medium sized artworks and framed pieces. These spaces are not suitable for prints & small items but rather are an opportunity for fine artists to display their new pieces as they create them. If you wish to have additional items like greeting cards and product in these spaces, there will be an additional $2 per day charge.
- made by Elle-May

Visual art peg walls with cubes

Pegwall + Cube$6.80$7.48

Each Visual Arts Space consists of a 40 x 40 x 30cm cube open at the top, a small shelf, and 1m+ of pegwall for you to hang prints, small framed works or other lightweight visual art items.

- made by Elle-May

Visual art slat walls (half/full)

Half Slat$6.80$7.48

1.2m high free standing slat walls which can be customised with hooks, shelves and baskets to hold prints, small framed works, stickers, keyrings, stationary and other items featuring your visual art designs. Take half (30cm wide) or full (60cm wide)

- made by Elle-May

Small visual art spaces

Pegwall Small$2.75$3.03

A 15 x 99cm, quarter slat wall with around 15 x 30cm of shelf space underneath for displaying small items like keyrings, postcards, greeting cards and little bits and bobs best displayed vertically. This space is best for Cubers with a very small range who want to dip their toes in cubing without needing to have too much inventory.

- made by Elle-May

60cm+ clothing racks

Clothing Rack 60cm$5.70$6.27

We have several 60cm free standing clothing racks at the front of the store, as well as some further to the back. We try to rotate cubers regularly so everyone gets a turn at the front racks and to keep things fresh for our customers. One of these racks can hold around 20 hangers comfortably.

- made by Elle-May

90cm+ clothing racks & Shelves​

Clothing Rack 90cm$6.80$7.48

We also have a few walls and other spaces that we can create if the spaces above don’t quite suit your needs, simply reach out and we will try and accomodate you and your creations!

Available to new cubers on a 3 month contract while cubes last (limited)

- made by Elle-May

Other spaces

We also have a few walls and other spaces that we can create if the spaces above don’t quite suit your needs, simply reach out and we will try and accomodate you and your creations!

Keen to sell your creations

at our flagship Fitzroy store?

Apply here!

Let us know you’re keen to join the cube fam in Fitzroy via the form below!

On the form you can select the type of product you sell, your cube budget & info about your brand.

Once we receive your application we will keep it on file for the next round of intakes.