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Welcome to in.cube8r

Home to 227 Australian artists

Here at in.cube8r, we’re passionate about creating spaces and experiences to help connect creatives with those who want to support them.

Whether it’s through our handmade shop in Melbourne, curated shopping online, attending our art shows and other events; we’re here to make shopping local & handmade as easy as possible.

If you’re looking for a space that is inclusive, empowering, made by local artists, you’ve found it.

What our artists love about selling at in.cube8r

Harry Millward

Fashion Designer

Harry joined the cubefam in mid 2019 to launch his unisex fashion label Harry Millward Designs. He has his range in both of our stores and has also exhibited in our art shows. Since joining, Harry has become one of our most enthusaistic and dedicated members, and gracing our racks with gorgeous garments at the same time.

Julie Stephens

Jewellery Designer

Julie joined our Prahran store in mid 2009 after spending several months working on her website launch with Elle and exhibiting in one of our Almost Solo shows in Fitzroy. She now has a cube in Fitzroy. Julie’s range is stunning, and it has been a pleasure seeing her brand grow and develop over time.

Juliet D Collins

Visual Artist

Juliet started selling her artworks inspired by women with in.cube8r Prahran in late 2019 and Fitzroy in mid 2020. Her work is unique and empowering, and we’re thrilled to call her part of our cuber family.

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Are you an artist, maker or creative looking to grow your small business?

Are you looking for a community of creatives all struggling with the same things that you are?

Are you far more interested in the making, than the marketing & selling of your products?

Are you looking for ways to sell your art that don’t require you to stand in the freezing cold or spend all your spare time doing SEO?

If you’re nodding your head, you’re in the right place!

Looking For A Gift? Shop Our Curated Gift Guides

Filled with goodies made by our Australian based jewellers, visual artists and crafty creatives, our gift guides are a fun and easy way to find the perfect gift without getting overwhelmed by the fact that we’ve got thousands of gorgeous items listed here on our online marketplace! 

Get shopping with the knowledge that whatever you choose will be carefully packed and shipped (or picked up) gift wrapped in a bow to you or yours!

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Artists keep 100% of their sales

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