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‘Thick Queen Bitch’ ~ Acrylic Statement Dangle Earrings by Carmen Get It!


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It’s time for you to take up your rightful space in this world, whether you’re a Thick Queen, a Thick Bitch or a Queen Bitch.Measuring a lobe-tastic 10 cm long and almost 2 cm wide, these bishes are created from acrylic offcuts to make sure nothing is wasted. Created in collaboration with Amanda from Amandala Life and available in matching pairs or startling combinations. Options available: Thick Thick Thick Queen Thick Bitch Queen Queen Queen Bitch Bitch BitchA note on language – this is how we define them: Thick → strong, wide, sturdy, and not thin; celebrating bodies that are not typically celebrated, with full respect to those who have their fatness weaponised against them; acknowledging the black and brown cultures that popularised the term Queen → a term of endearment, gender-inclusive, looking and feeling your finest, but not ruling over others; acknowledging its roots in drag and queer culture Bitch → historically used as a pejorative term to demonise and undermine the power of women, or emasculate men, we take that power back and use one of the best sounding words in the English language to mean sassy, powerful and in charge. A word we must use responsibly.
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Bold colourful accessories

A fun, feminist and fabulous label where colour lovers and dopamine queens unite. Created by Carmen Hawker, CARMEN GET IT! co-creates a range of bold and colourful products with talented women makers from across Australia.Started during the pandemic because we all needed something to brighten up our days, CARMEN GET IT! is for those who are unafraid to stand up and stand out for all the right reasons.So, whether you’re in the market for some statement earrings, sassy candles, or some bloody beautiful eco-friendly stationery – all you gotta do is…CARMEN GET IT!