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Pokemon Eeveelution Keychains by Rain Cevo


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Pokemon Eeveelution keychain for each of the current Eeveelution (Gen I – VI)➜ approx. 2.5″ (63.50mm) each ➜ acrylic, double-sided with protective film on both sides ➜ normal form on one side, shiny form* on the other*different creative interpretations for Glaceon and Leafeon in comparison to the original series’ versionsNOTE: Colours may vary on pictures to the actual products due to difference in lighting/monitor displays.
With my stickers and keychains, I find inspiration and draw my ideas digitally. With my stickers, I make most of them at home while others are made by a local manufacturer. I get my keychains made by an international company and in most cases, design and make the packaging at home.In regards to my jewellery, I come up with particular bead combinations that are often inspired by the Y2K and/or Grunge aesthetics. Afterwards, I assemble the beads myself and create the packaging at home. In some instances, I design specific acrylic pieces that get made by an international company to have more unique pieces.
All keychains with a non-epoxy side come with a protective film that would need to be peeled.All stickers are water resistant with a selected number being waterproof.

Rain Cevo

Colourful and Fun Merchandise

I’m Rain – an art hobbyist that loves to make use of vibrant colours. I started tabling at events around Perth in late 2021 and ever since then, I just keep chugging along with more fun ideas. I mostly create fan-made merchandise such as stickers and keychains but I also love the cathartic ambiance from doing slow crafts such as jewellery making.