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Lego Piece Flowers Necklace by Aki no Neko Creations


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Lego jewellery with a hint of sophistication. Made entirely out of polymer clay enclosed within a metal frame to allow each piece to hang on a delicate chain so that you can show off your love for Lego.
Every item is made by hand using polymer clay, resin, shrink plastic, or a mix of these. The polymer clay pieces especially are carefully mixed, cut, shaped and placed with the utmost care to ensure that sets are as symmetrical as possible. Having said that though, each piece is unique and no two sets will ever be alike. You truly will be owning something that is unique and lovingly made.
Please take care with certain items. Some items, especially the delicate clay-made items, can be prone to breaking if handled roughly, so please take care!

Aki no Neko Creations

Unique Fun Handmade Jewellery

I’ve always loved making things with my hands and getting to create small details. I also love jewellery and being able to accessorise to show off my interests, So I decided to combine my love of crafting with my love of jewellery to make my own jewellery, whether it’s for myself, my family and friends, or for anyone who just wants to wear something different and unique. I love to draw inspiration from pop culture, but I also become inspired by ‘spur of the moment’ ideas. Being able to draw from a variety of sources means that I never run out of ideas for what to make next.