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I Will Never Mug by Not Core


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Hand-built and hand illustrated, this orange clay and white glaze mug features unique illustrations including a Bird King and a house on a cliff, with a glossy finish. This mug is 7.5cm tall, and holds approximately 6 oz of your favourite beverage.
Each of my pieces go through so many different stages, starting as a ball of clay, pinched pot, leather hard, trimmed, painted and carved, bone dry, first firing, sanding, glazing, second firing, coffee time!
Microwave and dishwasher safe however it is recommended that ceramics are handwashed, dishwashers can be scary!

Not Core

Handmade and Illustrated Ceramics

Functional illustrations, paintings to drink out of, sketches to eat toast off of – this is the goal. I started creating ceramics a few years ago, initially I wanted to develop a new hobby, to give myself a bit of a break from my usual oil painting and illustration, turns out ceramics and illustration are actually soulmates. Clay became a canvas for whatever poem I wanted to create, a new world for whatever little characters I felt so inclined to carve into existence. Since I started ceramics, I have been lucky enough to move into my own beautiful studio in Melbourne. My favourite thing is seeing people use my artwork in their day to day, simple everyday tasks made a tiny bit more exciting with the presence of a lounging frog king or a carved apple.