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household handybar by big blue cosmetica


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Use for washing dishes (longer-lasting bubbles, no plastic bottle, and gentle on hands unlike most detergents), for removing spot stains on clothing, hand-washing delicates, mopping the floor swished in a bucket, cleaning the oven, BBQ, the shower, even the dog – or simply for washing hands. Infused with naturally antibacterial lemon tea tree and mandarin essential oils, both of which are especially effective against mould and leave the room smelling fresh and clean. PRO-TIP: Swish in a jug of warm water and strain into a spray bottle for the ultimate surface and stovetop degreasy spray.TO USE: for dishes simply wet your scrubber or sponge, rub onto bar and get busy – as you scrub away you’ll see it foam up fabulously to effortlessly clean greasy dishes, and leave your hands soft and clean but not painfully dry. Alternatively, run under warm water to soak a sink-full of dishes (or clothing) in warm soapy water.VEGAN ALL NATURAL 100% AUSTRALIAN CHECK THE INGREDIENTS! saponified oils (organic olea europaea (olive) and organic cocos nucifera (coconut)), raw organic sugar, sodium citrate, essential oils (citrus reticulata (mandarin) and leptospermum petersonii (lemon scented teatree)), iron oxide (clay pigment, for the colour).These are natural, handmade soaps and your bar may not appear exactly as in the photo – each block will be a tiny bit unique as minor variations in colour / pattern occur naturally with each batch. Each one is hand cut so weight tends to vary between 130 – 140g.Please use within 12 months of purchase.
All ingredients used are as locally sourced as possible, many wild harvested from around Australia, not only to reduce the overall carbon footprint of this product but also to celebrate our unique native botanicals and support local and indigenous farmers.Formulated by Tina, a chemistry major and total skincare nerd, and lovingly handmade in St Kilda.
This is a natural product with a limited shelf life, please use within 24 months of purchase and store in a cool, dark place to protect oils from rancidity.
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big blue cosmetica

all natural zero waste skincare

Tina is a passionate environmentalist, DIY enthusiast, proud plant mama and chemistry major who started this brand out of concern for the epic mountain of plastic waste associated with cosmetics, and a belief that she could do better both for the planet and for skin!Tina formulates products that are safe for sensitive skin and for our ecosystems when washed down the drain; effective, at least as much if not more so than commercially available alternatives; a serious delight to use, and sustainable – in a bigger picture way, which considers both the lifecycle of the packaging left behind and the upstream ethical and environmental impact of each ingredient.