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Haunted Horloge – Sterling Silver Cuckoo Clock Locket by Skadi Jewellery Design


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If a haunted castle and a cuckoo clock had a baby this sinister locket necklace is what it would look like! Partially hidden behind the poison ivy is an imposing Gothic cathedral and hidden behind the clock face is a tiny poison well (ideal for concealing a tiny photo or note).Hand pierced from Sterling Silver, the main body of the pendant measures 4.2 x 2.7cm. The tiny poison well is 9mm in diameter and 1mm deep. The sterling silver chain is 45cm long.The hands on the clock face rotate so you can choose what time it will show. To access the hidden compartment carefully push the clock face to the side (it pivots on the XII).

Skadi Jewellery Design

Ornate saw pierced jewellery which tells a story

Skadi Jewellery Design is about making a personal statement with hand crafted jewellery which tells a story. Like falling snow, each ornate piece is unique and as intricately detailed as lace.For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for jewellery but been dismayed by the fact that what was available didn’t suit my style. I decided the best way to remedy the problem was to make my own jewellery.I graduated from Curtin University of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts (Jewellery Design) in 2008 where I discovered I loved making jewellery even more than I loved wearing it. In my final year at University Skadi Jewellery Design was born. Now I do what I love so that I’ll love what I do.I’ve always been completely enchanted by the beauty of Winter (snow especially) so I felt my business name should reflect this in the same way my designs do. Skadi is a frost giant and goddess from Nordic mythology. She is commonly associated with Winter, shadows and mountains and for me perfectly represents what my work is about; beauty, strength, uniqueness and wonderful stories. – Clare Davidson