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Moist – Acrylic Earrings by Absurd Little Bird


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Moist.Get ya mind outta the gutter, we’re talking about cake right?! A nice, tasty, rich, moist cake…. Need Clip-Ons or Hooks instead of Studs? Shoot me a message on Insta!Small – 70mm L x 50mm W Large 105mm L x 80mm WColours may vary slightly from how they appear on screen. Laser cut gloss & glitter acrylic, surgical steel stud posts.
I use an easily distractible brain & fun friends to create a treasure hunt of ideas on scraps of paper, that then get turned into little pieces of wearable art as I remember or find them! A combination of hand & digital sketching, turns these ideas into a 2D image that I can shape into a laser-friendly design and then laser cut from acrylic, bamboo or wood in my home studio. The simplest designs are almost ready to wear straight off the laser, but the more complex ones are like tiny puzzles, waiting to be pieced together via tweezers, glue & sometimes a whole bunch of expletives if I’m having a particularly fumbly day!Absurd Little Bird dabbles mainly in earrings, but if they aren’t an accessible version of expression for you, but you love a design, please get in contact so we can collaborate and find something that works, cos everyone deserves to express themselves without limitation!
Caring for your new treasures:Tell them how gorgeous they are daily. Try not to store in direct sunlight. They are not big fans of showers or swimming. So, just like gremlins, don’t get them wet or feed them after midnight. If they do need a little spruce up, a polish with a microfibre cloth will usually do the trick.

Absurd Little Bird

Fun stuff for your ears!

I’m a big fan of the fun, loud and absurd things in this world! I love seeing people unapologetically expressing themselves and treating life like the wild adventure that it is. As a professional circus performer, I get to explore the world through art and take audiences along with me, but I didn’t realise when I started Absurd Little Bird, just how much I would get to do the same thing through my designs, with my fabulous customers! I create products with the intention of making people smile when they wear them, or spot them in the wild! I day dream my designs into the world, then sketch, scribble and scrap my ideas together until I have created the perfect piece of wearable art!