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Kiss Your Dad Bumper Sticker by Bagchip


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‘On My Way To Kiss Your Dad On The Lips’ bumper sticker.Made with vinyl, waterproof car decoration, 10″ x 3″
My paper is made by ripping up old paper I collect, soaking it overnight, blending it, and using that mixture with a ‘mould and deckle’ to create each individual piece one by one. Each piece is unique, some batches have different textures and colours, some ripped pieces stick out more than others, and some batches are coloured with acrylic paint.I use this paper with my linoblock prints. Lino is a rubber-like texture that I carve into using special tools. I carve away my desired image into the block and use it like a stamp with ink on the paper.I also use these same lino blocks to create shirts. I use a special fabric paint to stamp onto the shirt, and use a heat-press machine to stamp and seal the design onto the shirt.My charms and stickers are designed by me, and sent off to be produced by other companies.


Goofy Goodies

My name is Hayden! I’m a queer artist and animator based in Melbourne who loves to make fun and funky things.Most of the things I make or design come from new hobby fixations – I love learning how to make/do new things and will probably end up trying 1,000,000 different crafts in my lifetime. I’ve found some hobbies that I love a lot – enough that I decided to share it with you all!All of my designs start with a digital concept and become tangible products through printing/manufacturing/etc. Things like charms and stickers are sent to be printed, and the shirts are hand printed using lino blocks.I also have handmade paper, and each piece is carefully created using paper I have found, water, tools, and patience.Each product is made with love, and lots of passion <3