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The Creation Log

The Creation Log

Whimsy Handmade Crochet Fashion

Hi!! I'm monc and mainly I'm just a queer, neurodivergent, POC little guy making and crafting things for the joy of it. I've dipped my hands into any arts and crafts I could find ever since I was a child, and while many have stuck with me until now, the pieces I've crocheted are some of the things I'm proudest of. I find inspiration easily and love to try new patterns and designs whenever I see them, so I've amassed a fair collection of things I've made, that I'd much rather prefer to share instead of hoard. Everything I make is made first and foremost for my own satisfaction, but they aren't always practical for or suited to me, so thecreationlog was made for me to share the love I've found in crocheting with people who can better appreciate and use the items!

Find in: Fitzroy

I create pieces for people who love little soft and whimsy touches to their lives and outfits. In addition, my works allow people to proudly use and wear items they know have been made with great care and joy, without sacrificing any style or personality.
Handwash carefully in LUKEWARM water. Once clean to your satisfaction, gently wring out the water and then pat dry with a towel. Lay flat to dry. DO NOT hang it out to dry as this can distort the shape or fit of the item.
Though I’m young, everything I make is created by hands that have been used to draw and craft and fold my entire lifetime, so my work is made on a foundation of neat stitches, and worked and reworked rows in order to satisfy my standards for detail and style.

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The Creation Log

Bluebell Bucket Hat by The Creation Log
Baby Pink Crochet Pouch – The Collection Log
Patchwork Crochet Crop Top – The Collection Log
Crochet Halter Top with Scalloped Edging – The Collection Log
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