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Fun Illustrations and Accessories

Enixy was created in 2011 by Mornington Peninsula based artist, Zoe Clare, whilst working towards her Diploma in Illustration. Now studying a Bachelor in animation at RMIT, Zoe has spent 10 years creating illustrations, designs and accessories and selling them online and at creative markets and expos all over Australia. As Enixy grows, so has the artwork, presenting many different styles and creative experiments. Zoe is optimistic about the future of Enixy Studios and all the different ways technology can help them produce experiences with their work.

Find in: Fitzroy

With a passion for illustration and animation beginning at a young age, Enixy’s work is heavily influenced by cartoons and animation of the time. As such, their products appeal to many of those who grew up in the ’90s and early 2000s, and fans of pop culture.
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Hulk Smash! Pin Up A4 Print by Enixy
Discontinued A4 Prints by Enixy
Sailor Jupiter Hard Enamel Pin by Enixy
Januharry 2020 Harry Potter sketch Art book Zine by Enixy
Red Octopus Vinyl Sticker by Enixy
You’re My Kryptonite! – Sexy Superman PinUp Art Print by Enixy
Princess Leia Keyring/Necklace by Enixy
Sailor Moon Acrylic Earrings by Enixy
Extra Large Acrylic Charm Christmas Ornaments by Enixy
“My Spider Senses are Tingling!” Spiderman Pin Up Giclee A4 Art Print by Enixy
Sailor Moon Hard Enamel Pin by Enixy
Sailor Freddie Mercury A4 Giclee Print by Enixy
Knuckle Duster Acrylic Earrings by Enixy
Sailor Moon Inspired Keyring by Enixy
Sailor Freddie Mercury Acrylic Pin by Enixy
Illustrated Captain America Pinup Print
Why… Hello Captain! – Captain America PinUp Artwork Print Giclee Art. by Enixy
Princess Leia Carrie Fisher A4 Giclee Print by Enixy
Freddie Mercury A4 Art Print by Enixy
Holographic Vinyl Sticker Pack of 3 by Enixy
Vinyl Waterproof Stickers 1pc by Enixy
Pretty Grim Reaper Acrylic Pin by Enixy
Various A5 Fine Art Prints by Enixy
Chihiro Studio Ghibli a4 Art Print by Enixy
Sailor Freddie Mercury Vinyl Sticker by Enixy
Blue Red Acrylic Octopus Charm Keyring by Enixy
Blue Pink Acrylic Jellyfish Earrings by Enixy
Red Blue double sided acrylic octopus earrings by Enixy
Finn and Fern the Human Adventure Time A4 Print by Enixy
R U OK A5 Print by Enixy
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