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Ella Draws Dogs

Ella Draws Dogs

I draw dogs! Your dog maybe? Pared down and simple pet portraits

Hi all! I'm Ella, a Melbournian artist and dog enthusiast. I can frequently be found sitting on the ground at my local dog park, collecting cuddles and taking reference photos. I have a particular passion for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (though who doesn't; am I right?), and my two-year-old Cavalier Tony is my favourite person in the world. I'm a self taught artist, and love the flexibility of working digitally (undoing mistakes is significantly easier/less nervous breakdown-inducing). I take many of my own reference photos, and I'm always particularly delighted when I can capture an elegant dog breed looking like a total doofus (a.k.a. expressing their true selves). I love figuring out new ways to display my drawings (I recently discovered how to bind my own notebooks), and am always thrilled to learn new skills and see my work in different formats.

Find in: Fitzroy

I create art for people who love dogs as much as I do! In every drawing, I try to capture the spark that makes that particular dog unique, whether that’s a slightly crazed expression or that perfect head tilt that makes every dog owner melt into a puddle of canine-worshipping goo (let’s be honest, we all do it). My drawings are pared down and simple – more about essence than hyperrealism – and the most common reaction I get from my commissioners is a very gratifying, ‘that’s him!’
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Shop I draw dogs! Your dog maybe? Pared down and simple pet portraits by

Ella Draws Dogs

Jack Russell vinyl sticker – spot by Ella Draws Dogs
Golden Retriever print – cream by Ella Draws Dogs
Handmade pin – Golden Retriever by Ella Draws Dogs
Yorkshire Terrier tote bag by Ella Draws Dogs
French Bulldog vinyl sticker set by Ella Draws Dogs
Bernese Mountain Dog vinyl sticker
Pomeranian tote bag – chocolate by Ella Draws Dogs
Beagle vinyl sticker by Ella Draws Dogs
Kelpie greeting card by Ella Draws Dogs
Hand bound A5 dachshund notebook
Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier greeting card by Ella Draws Dogs
Hand-bound mini Cavalier King Charles Spaniel notebook
Apricot parti oodle keychain by Ella Draws Dogs
Fawn Great Dane greeting card by Ella Draws Dogs
Black & white French Bulldog greeting card by Ella Draws Dogs
Labrador tote bag – chocolate by Ella Draws Dogs
hand-bound-a5-cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-notebook-Ella Draws Dogs-068320
Hand bound A5 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel notebook
Papillon tote bag – black & white by Ella Draws Dogs
Dachshund print – chocolate & tan by Ella Draws Dogs
Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel greeting card by Ella Draws Dogs
Pomeranian tote bag – white by Ella Draws Dogs
Handmade pin – Chihuahua by Ella Draws Dogs
Handmade pin – Black & White French Bulldog by Ella Draws Dogs
French Bulldog puppy print by Ella Draws Dogs
Blue Forest dog collar by Ella Draws Dogs
Corgi print by Ella Draws Dogs
Golden Retriever tote bag by Ella Draws Dogs
Handmade pin – black & white Border Collie by Ella Draws Dogs
Viszla tote bag by Ella Draws Dogs
Blue roan cocker spaniel greeting card by Ella Draws Dogs
Handmade Christmas card pack by Ella Draws Dogs
Rhodesian Ridgeback tote bag by Ella Draws Dogs
Pug print – black by Ella Draws Dogs
Black whippet vinyl sticker by Ella Draws Dogs
Schnauzer vinyl sticker by Ella Draws Dogs
Chocolate & tan dachshund greeting card by Ella Draws Dogs
Handmade pin – black tricolour Australian Shepherd by Ella Draws Dogs
Red & white Staffordshire Bull Terrier vinyl sticker by Ella Draws Dogs
German Shepherd vinyl sticker
Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel greeting card by Ella Draws Dogs
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