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Cute animal-themed stationery & accessories

Hi, I'm eeyitscoco! A Sydney-based artist who creates mostly original, colourful works featuring cute animals! Stay a while and browse my collection of keychains, tapes, pins, patches, stickers and more.

Find in: Fitzroy

Share your love for birds, bunnies and cute animals of all kinds with illustrated works by yours truely. From keychains to patches, stickers to bucket hats, you can accessories everything from your laptop to your head! My customers love my whimsical take on animals and their ability to encourage smiles to those who see them.
BUCKET HATS: Hand or Cold Machine Wash.
All my illustrations are a labour of love and inspiration, they\’re printed in small batches with trusted manufacturers that I\’ve spent time communicating and building relationships with.

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Mini Bread Duck Acrylic Charm by eeyitscoco
Bread Birds Acrylic Charm by eeyitscoco
Boat Mobs Minecraft Acrylic Keychain by eeyitscoco
Honey & Marmalade Enamel Pins by eeyitscoco
Bread Budgies Acrylic Charm by eeyitscoco
Bread Cockatiels Acrylic Charm by eeyitscoco
Bread Lovebirds Acrylic Charm by eeyitscoco
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