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Amusingly Pink Products!



Amusingly Pink Products!

Hey there! I’m Maggie (they/them), owner and creator behind ArcherArtistics! Here’s a little bit about me… I’ve been drawing and creating for as long as I can remember – from being the only kid in my kindergarten who gave my potato people necks to the more serious and broader works I do now! I’m 26 years old now and still on the same artistic train – just with maybe a bit more than necks under my belt! I specialise in digital work being translated to physical products which often take the forms of pins, charms, standees and stickers just to name a few! My brand is ever expanding with whatever form I wish to try next!
My items are for everyone who has a love for the quirky, pink and aesthetic like mine! My motto is if I wouldn’t enjoy it, why make it? So if you too have a long standing love for pink, anarchy, cryptids and jokes my products are just for you
Process wise I love to start with research… and alot of it! This involves pulling directly from the world around me, digging online for some reference photos of locations or anatomy or even colours! Inspiration is everywhere if you know where to look. Next is taking it to Procreate – with my Ipad I can draw anywhere, and I take advantage of that! creations can take me days to weeks to get just right and that means drawing in parks, cars, on trains or trams, anywhere really! Once I go through the stages of sketch, final sketch, linework, its my favorite part… colour! I love to bring bright warm colours into works that almost seem otherworldly to combat the dull overcast tones of the world around us – come take a peek through my eyes, why don’t you?
📍Currently cubed in Fitzroy

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