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Small Baby Pink Plant Terrarium The Murmuring Mystic


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SKU: 302206
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A small hand stitched plant with three pink buds.2cm wide, 9 cm tall

The Murmuring Mystic

Tiny Games and Trinkets

Welcome to The Murmuring Mystic – I’m Az , an artist and game developer, making tiny games and even tinier trinkets! The Murmuring Mystic is a tavern set in the heart of a bigger fantasy world, and is the home to all of the other worldly things we make. Games are very rarely a solo endeavour, and so the Murmuring Mystic is considered a collective; while I am the primary developer and artist, there are so many wonderful folks, family and friends who make contributions to our games to make them as enjoyable as possible! Trinkets are all handmade by me, using a combination of new and recycled materials.