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Coconut Lime Punch Car Diffusers by Bayeb Beauty


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SKU: 301019
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Infuse your car with the vibrant and refreshing scent of our Coconut Lime Punch Car Diffusers. This invigorating blend combines the creamy sweetness of coconut with the zesty freshness of lime, creating a tropical paradise in your vehicle. Perfect for those who love a lively and uplifting fragrance, this diffuser transforms every drive into a sunny escape. Key Features:
  • Tropical Fragrance: A delightful mix of creamy coconut and tangy lime for a refreshing and energizing aroma.
  • Long-Lasting: Provides up to 10-12 weeks of continuous fragrance, ensuring your car remains inviting and aromatic.
  • Easy to Use: Effortlessly hang onto your car’s mirror or blinker, delivering an instant burst of fragrance.
  • Elegant Design: Stylish and chic design that enhances any car interior, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made to easily refill with our refill bottles
Experience the sunny and revitalizing scent of Coconut Lime Punch on every drive. Perfect for daily commutes, beach trips, or any journey where you want to bring a touch of the tropics with you. Let the invigorating blend of coconut and lime elevate your driving experience, turning each trip into a delightful getaway for your senses.
Our products are all hand made to order or in small quantities so all our products are at their BEST quality all the time. We source all of our ingredients from Australian Businesses as we believe in supporting local.
Candle Care Cards/Car Diffuser Cards are provided with product.Please read instructions to prevent damage.

Bayeb Beauty

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Hi, I’m Sarah and the face behind Bayeb Beauty.I have been a Qualified Beauty Therapist since 2019, where I have worked in two Days Spas. As it was something I had always wanted to do, by making people feel amazing. With this I started to make my own body products from home, as it was something I found to be relaxing. Along the way I learnt more about the benefits of certain ingredients, as well as how they respond to the body. With my knew knowledge I was able to make changes to my products and make them more suitable and beneficial to my needs.Unfortunately came Covid which meant I was out of work for 12mths, which in the meantime I made body products and learnt the art of candle making. This is when I started Bayeb Beauty, hoping to make people feel great about themselves like I did pre Covid.I started by taking over the kitchen, to the dismay of our then housemates. Being one of five meant my family were the Guinee Pigs of my new creations, which meant I had quite a bit of feedback; especially from my step dad and brother.As I progressed and expanded my partner made our spare room my work room to which filled up very quickly. I make everything as I need it, so its never sitting around for long and it always means I am focused on making your order 100% every time.