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Big sylvanian families cat keychain by pinkduck handmade


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Unique heart shape ringLength: 14cm
I investigate the world around us through fragmentation and reassembly. My own history of collecting began in my childhood when I liked to collect small found objects on the ground, sometimes fake gemstones, and sometimes miniature plastic toys. This habit sparked my interest in working with readymades and found objects. I collect new and vintage miniature toys from capsules, blind boxes and remake them into jewelry and accessories. Each combination is unique and one of a kind.

Pinkduck Handmade

Upcycled jewellery and accessories made from miniature toys

Pinkduck Handmade is created by Artist Yuchen Xin as a more functional extension of her creative sculptural and object-based works.Her artist practice examines personal and curious perceptions of the world and the absurdities in everyday life. This unconscious self-expression expresses through various mediums, including hand-formed objects, painting, video, ceramics, and digital work. The unique anthropomorphic characters she creates engage both her personal universe and the hyperactive side and strangeness of human conditions. She considers her characters to have aspects of absurdity, strangeness, and craziness like human beings but still retain a lovable quality.The jewellery she makes also follows the idea of assemblage and draws inspiration from the popular culture/the everyday.