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The Miss Mango

The Miss Mango

Find me at in.cube8r

Hey! Im Mango, your local cryptid and artist making the weird and wonderful. since I was young Ive been creative and making something, even if it was a mess. Now days alot of my work is inspired by fantasy, Horror, adventure and stories from the games, fandoms and movies I love. You might see me making stickers, prints, pins, apparel or sculpture! I like abit of everything so expect the unexpected!

Find in: Melbourne Central

I make products to make your life abit more colourful, creative and fun (sometimes even alittle creepy) I make everything I possibly can do by hand, 75% of my stickers are printed and cut in house as well as my prints and sticker sheets. my enamel pins are made in collaboration with a fantastic manufacturer and I hand package everything myself! I try my best to use the most environmentally friendly products possible when packing and making products and prefer to be as sustainable as possible!
Please note, all products are looked over for quality by Mango personally for the best possible quality. when looking after your products, keep in mind: Prints: keep them out of direct sunlight! whilst UV resistant ink is used all inks and colours will fade over time even with UV resistance. Please also keep these away from water and wet conditions. Stickers: tear, water and scratch resistant but not proof! please be careful when peeling. Pins: pins can be scratched if not careful overtime!
Im a small town aussie artist who came straight out of highschool and went right into university to get a batchelors in fine art. There I learnt so so much and experienced so many new ways of creating that i developed into an artist who really dosent have a set medium. My ideas spawn and I use whatever is the best medium for it to come to life. After my batchelors i went into my masters but then..COVID!. And i very soon realised i didint want to be in school writing about art for the rest of my life, i wanted to MAKE IT!. Everything you see is drawn and designed by my own hands, all of it is packaged and looked over for quality issues by me and I work directly with manufacturers to create my products I cant do myself. I love my art and so I involve myself with every step in the way to ensure my customers get the very best quality every time!

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The Miss Mango

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