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MadDog Ink

MadDog Ink

Art You Can Wear Out

My name is Madi and I run MadDog Ink with my chihuahua, mascot, bestie and muse - Tink. I'm a Spanish-Australian illustrator and creator of wearable art living on the South Coast, and sometimes I might even come to your town with conventions and expos including Oddities and Curiosities Expo and Supanova! I love stories and made up worlds, and I'm a big fan of finding joy in the little things in our lives, so my work is about that. It's about not taking ourselves too seriously and enjoying the little moments. You can find MadDog Ink in locations across Australia, and of course, at in.Cube8r!

Find in: Fitzroy

I believe in finding joy in the little things. And that’s what makes MadDog Ink special – the little things. My super detailed work is designed to be explored, you might find Tink pop up in the background or you might find something that resonates with you personally. So if you love fantasy, spooky things, alternative art and pop culture, you’ve come to the right place.
Pins should be stored face up and with a bit of space between their friends, they are quality tested and durable but the UV print may chip if thrown around or dropped on concrete.
I’ve been an exhibiting artist for a decade now, having been featured in galleries across NSW and in publications including the Spanish “Guide Artist” Magazine, and even taking part in the first ever Australian Oddities and Curiosities Expo in 2023! I hold two art degrees from Curtin University, and I teach art professionally to makers of all ages! With an illustrative background my medium of choice is ink on paper, but I also work digitally – I’m known for my intricate details so that means most of my images take anywhere from ten to a hundred hours to complete! But it’s a labour of love. I’ve worked hard to build my little business and I can wholeheartedly say I love what I do, you can find me in locations across Australia, and on insta @thinkmaddog.

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MadDog Ink

Cuber Offer: MADDOG INK – Any 2 Pins for $30 (see products for more)
“Aladdin” A4 Print by MadDog Ink
Casa de Familia Pin – Azucar by MadDog Ink
“Wrong Neighbourhood” MadDog Ink Print
Casa de Familia Pin – Diablo by MadDog Ink
“Witchy Casita” A4 Print by MadDog Ink
The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo – A4 Print by MadDog Ink
Casa de Familia Pin – Paco by MadDog Ink
“Meal of Champions” – A4 Print by MadDog Ink
“Summer Lovin” A5 Print by MadDog Ink
“The Collector” MadDog Inkwork
“Growth” Print by MadDog Ink
“Date Night” A5 Print by MadDog Ink
MadDog Ink. “How to Train Your Dragon” – Tattoo Style A5 Print MadDog Ink
Casa de Familia Pin – Catrina by MadDog Ink
“Halloween Town” A3 Print by MadDog Ink
Casa de Familia Pin – Tink as Alebrije by MadDog Ink
MadDog Ink. MadDoGotchi Pin and Dangler #2: Beetlejuice By MadDog Ink
MadDog Ink. MadDoGotchi Pin #5: Fullmetal Alchemist
“Travelling Cat Crew” Art Print by MadDog Ink.
MadDog Ink. MadDoGotchi Pin #6: Sailor Moon
“The Hiding Place” A5 Print by MadDog Ink
“Forest Shindig” A4 Print by MadDog Ink
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