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Celestio Studio

Celestio Studio

Illustrative Acrylic Earrings

I'm Stella and I'm a children's book illustrator with a love and intrigue for all animals, colour and textures. During my off season, I like to go absolutely wild with my own designs in my acrylic earring store

Find in: Fitzroy

I create things like silly little clowns, worms and strawberry pigs for all to wear! Acrylic is super lightweight so it’s great for adding a little funkiness to an outfit!
Please store your accessories in a clean, dry environment. Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water and excessive sunlight and you’ll have a gorgeous set of earrings for years to come!

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Celestio Studio

Cuber Offer: Celestio Studio – 3 stickers for $10 (see products for more)
Pink and Teal Caterpillar Vinyl Sticker by Celestio Studio
Vase Vinyl Sticker by Celestio Studio
Happy Red Clown Vinyl Sticker by Celestio Studio
Sun & Moon Tarot Iridescent Celestial Earrings by Celestio Studio
Turnip Head – Howl’s Moving Castle Vinyl Sticker by Celestio Studio
Sad Blue Clown Vinyl Sticker by Celestio Studio
Patrick – Spongebob Squarepants Holographic Vinyl Sticker by Celestio Studio
Red Bleeding Heart Acrylic Earrings by Celestio Studio
Zelda Gold Heart Container Acrylic Earrings by Celestio Studio
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