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Concsious Unique Gifts of Jewellery and Fashion Accessories

Hello Everyone! My name is Juliana. I have a passion for jewellery and fashion as an element of individual expressionism and interpretation that accentuates inner beauty. My passion for jewellery and fashion has intertwined with my growing interest to preserve our beautiful home that is Earth. So, my dear friends I incorporate a lot of up-cycled, re-cycled and re-use a lot of different kind of materials and my jewellery will beautiful, luxurious and will never be boring. The whole point of my pieces is to make you feel great within yourselves and about yourselves as we are entering into a New Era of care participation about Earth.

Find in: Melbourne Central

1GiftWorld promises as a Fashion Accessories Producer and Retailer breathing a fresh focus in Sustainability to: combine the love for fashion, the world & people to create beauty, love, care, warmth and acceptance. It is a luxury for all pockets and it will be never boring. It is that piece that is loved from office or bridesmaids classics to that individual uniqueness that you wanted for your whole life to express yourself differently

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