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A perfect stepping stone for any new artist

I think in.cube8r is a perfect stepping stone for any new artists who want to share their ideas or works to the public. I have learnt a lot about the market as the team will let me know the customers’ feedback when they visit and send us a lot of information and news to update what’s happening in the market which is absolutely priceless. I hope that will let more people get to know my pieces through in.cube8r in the near future.

I’ve built up some great relationships with other fellow in.cube8r artists

I love selling my works at in.cube8r because it is such a great community, like a little family. Not only are Elle-May and the staff super helpful and supportive but I’ve built up some great relationships with other fellow in.cube8r artists from my time there and I love supporting what they do and really appreciate the support and feedback I receive in return. I’ve been a part of other artist spaces previously and have never had the genuine support that I have received from in.cube8r. We are given lots of opportunities to learn new crafts and also expand our small business skills with regular workshops and classes run at in.cube8r and we also receive a lot of feedback and tips on how to get more out of our cubes.
Christine Amanda

Incube8r is a small gem hidden in the middle of a big city

Incube8r is a small gem hidden in the middle of a big city. I found my cube at just the right time, when I needed a local creative platform I never knew I could afford! But I had no idea it would unleash so many other wonderful opportunities to learn, expand, network and grow.

I love being a part of the creative community of emerging artists and designers at Incube8r

I love being a part of the creative community of emerging artists and designers at Incube8r. As a new maker, having a retail presence at the Fitzroy emporium is a fantastic opportunity for me and the direct customer feedback is invaluable. Elle-May is helpful, full of ideas and always on hand to give advice and support when you need it. She even helped me launch my brand publicly as part of one of their gallery exhibitions, which was amazing.
Julie Stephens Designs

Yep shop small, shop local and if you can shop handmade

Selling @incube8r Fitzroy and Prahran, has given me the opportunity to sell in a supportive environment. Most of all it’s fantastic to be able to test what products work well in different locations, and to discover what customers actually want. It also can be fun curating a cube, changing things up and moving things around. Elle May is always open to new ideas and feedback too and is encouraging of all us makers and handmade in general. Yep shop small, shop local and if you can shop handmade.
Kate & Rose

A communication platform between emerging Australian designers and artists

Incube8r is the first physical shop I decided to stock my products at. For an online seller I was hesitant in the beginning but I’m glad I trusted my instinct and went ahead. To say the least, some of the benefits of being part of incube8r are, Incube8r is beyond just a retail space, it creates a communication platform between emerging Australian designer and artists and helps connect makers. For example, through a Facebook group cubers can reach out to each other, ask questions, share knowledge and ideas and learn from the valuable experience of others.
Incube8r initiates and facilitates running workshops, exhibitions as well as coaching sessions. Incube8r staff take a genuine approach to offer support in anyway possible, actively engage with cubers and give productive advice on how and what to do to increase exposure and sales. Provides access to educational resources through newsletters. Helps with exposure through ongoing social media promotions.
Emily’s Utopia

It’s a great little community that supports local artists

The process of stocking my products at In.cube8r was quite simple and the team are so supportive. It’s a great little community that supports local artists and makes it easier for them to make a living out of being an artist whilst still being able to practice their craft.
Gen Engelhardt Photography

Each cube tells the story of it’s artist

Incube8r galleries have given me the opportunity to establish my brand in vibrant, dynamic, inspirational MELBOURNE! While each cube tells the story of its artists, together we form a community hub of Australian creative talent. As an interstate cuber being part of this community would not have been possible without the help & support of the Incube8r team.
TLH Inspired

Group coaching

Elle is the much needed bridge between creatives and business. She understands artists and how to impart her knowledge in a way which is engaging, understandable and exciting to implement. Couple that with the wonderful supportive environment offered by other creatives in the same position and you have the perfect foundation from which to build a sustainable creative business.
Skadi Jewellery Design

Group coaching

At incube8r Prahran every week for the past 8 weeks, my fledgling business has been nurtured in the safe hands of Elle and 3 fellow creatives.  Our 4 businesses are at different stages, going in very different directions, and the Kickstart Your Business sessions have been fantastic. We chat away and then the aha moment hits.  Elle has been getting our brains to where they need to be. Money, branding, marketing, online stuff, staying sane, we have thought and talked about them all and come up with a useable plan that fits our own business.  I have learnt so much from being with this group; we share and laugh and get lots of thinking done. There is even homework, which has a point, and is fun. As we reach the end of the course, I have a completely different mindset for my business, a practical direction and I feel much more hopeful for it’s future.  And I am going to miss my friends from this group. So, #love what you do: Elle gets creatives and creativity.
Judith Scott

Group coaching

Doing this course has helped me to get really clear on the direction I want to take my business and helped build my confidence to actually do it. It’s been filled with practical advice, generated a ton of ideas and been a source of great support and inspiration for me. Lots of laughter too.
A Vibrant Nest

Incube8r has given me the opportunity to hatch and spread my little chicken wings

Incube8r is an amazing place that has kept me warm, given me the opportunity to hatch and spread my little chicken wings
Lele Jewellery

incub8r is an amazing space to network and exhibit

incub8r is an amazing space to network and exhibit with a great vibe and support amongst a talented creative community.
Catherine Gibb

In.cub8er actually wants us to succeed and bring more art into the world

At in.cub8er I’m one of many artists who feel supported by each other and the gallery itself. In.cub8er actually wants us to succeed and bring more art into the world and this makes for the best vibes!
Bianca Wolff

We get to keep 100% of the sales – how amazing is that for us artists!

in.cube8r has played an integral role in the development of my handmade children’s clothing range, which now has customers returning when they need gifts. The support, feedback and advice from in.cube8r has made me believe in myself and what I’m doing, which in turn has made my children’s range successful in store each and every month. We get to keep 100% of the sales – no commission is taken – how amazing is that for us artists!
Kylie – St David Studio 3065

My journey as a start-up artist isn’t so lonely anymore

In.cube8r is more than just a shop and a gallery – it’s a great supporter to the local Australian artist community. I feel that my journey as a start-up artist isn’t so lonely anymore.
Irene Haboo Design

You gave me opportunity that I never thought possible!

Thank you so much Elle! You gave me opportunity that I never thought possible! I was nearly packing up my business! Just wish I discovered in.cube8r years ago!!

in.cube8r will draw new customers to the precinct and also gives the 70 or so Cubers a great reason to visit Prahran!

in.cube8r is a small business providing retail and exhibition opportunity to small-scale artists and makers. Through renting cubes, artisans access retail customers without actually having to manage a stall or spend hours away
from the studio, marketing goods. The lovely in.cube8r staff takes care of sales and marketing! Artists receive 100% of sales. This retailing strategy is ideal for artists. The range of beautifully made and unique works on display is
a wonderful showcase of local talent!

Art involvement can be active or passive. It’s definitely active at in.cube8r!

2D, 3D, colourful, black & white, perfumed, textured, wearable, decorative… art in its many guises and sizes.

Customers meet artists whilst restocking cubes. Artists become teachers and art consumers in this gallery, studio, workshop and retail space. It is a vibrant community of makers of art who all benefit from the exchange and cross-
fertilization with other Melbourne based artists.

Its exhibition space is available to emerging and established artists and the shows change regularly providing artists with audiences and audiences with fresh ideas.

Visit this wunderkammer!

I don’t normally write reviews, but I’m a little outraged there aren’t more reviews for this place.

Incub8R is the best place I know of in Melbourne’s northside to find pieces from local artists and craftspeople. There must be a hundred little perspex cubes featuring the work of a hundred starving Melbourne artists, but the content feels vetted and curated. It’s all pretty high to excellent quality, and most of it feels a little alternative. The jewellery, pottery, perfumes, zines, accessories and curiosities span the aesthetics of Franky to Coilhouse, if you’re familiar with those magazines.

Handfelted cowl? Ring set with a porcelain cast of a human tooth? Amber perfume made in Melbourne? Life size handpainted bronze snail sculptures? Heck yes. Feed an artist today!

(review from google)

100% of all sales going directly to the artist

In.cube8r Gallery shows & supports some of Australia’s finest handcrafters. All mediums are respresented with 100% of all sales going directly to the artist. Always worth a visit whether you are a local or just visiting the wonderful area of Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Right from the onset Elle-May showed through her actions & communications with me that she was very interested in growing my business alongside me. This has been done through regular feedback about my designs and what trends she has noticed from month to month. This has allowed me to tailor my work to the clientele in the area without losing my individuality as an artist & jeweller. The whole team at Incube8r are a fabulous cohesive unit.

You really can get lost in there for ages amongst all the talent!

I joined incube8r almost one year ago, and I had no idea I would be joining such a talented community of artist and creatives! I love coming in to restock and having a browse around at all the new and wonderful art from exhibitors and fellow cubers.

5 Years & Counting!

in.cube8r is a homegrown concept that helps nurture and showcase awesome handmade art, and artists, in a unique and approachable way.  It is constantly changing as a  space, and a concept as a whole – but what remains the same is the fact that I love it! I l have been part of the in.cube8r stable for 5 years and look forward to contributing to its evolution in the future.

There is so much to love about in.cube8r!

From the incredible amount of local talent, products, and regular art exhibitions, to the strong community of likeminded people. I have been stocking my prints and artwork there for two months, and have also exhibited in a group exhibition. Elle-May and the team are so supportive and provide many opportunities along the way. I recommend the space for other creatives who want to get their work seen!

I challenge you to browse and not fall in love!

There is the most incredible blend of talent within these beautiful pink walls. A great stop for someone wanting something truly unique or a really awesome memento of a trip to Australia  

Every time I visit Melbourne I have to come to in.cube8r.

I love all the beautiful handmade goodies and the vibrancy of this beautifully designed shop. The staff are always really lovely and make you feel welcome. A definite place to shop when visiting. It’s also a really nice feeling supporting very clever and creative locals.

The team were wonderful to work with!

Incube8r is a great concept, creating a space for artists to showcase their work with all sales going directly to the artists! I’ve been to Incube8r exhibitions & been a part of an exhibition & can say both were super fun to be a part of & very inclusive.

One little look and you’ll be sucked in

In.cube8r not the sort of art shop you can just walk past. One little look and you’ll be sucked in – but it’s worth it! Funky jewellery, crazy creatures, weird bits and bobs, beautiful cards, colourful clothes, original art pieces AND a gallery out back… all the happiness of quality handmade products and original art pieces in one shop. Plus they have regular events! As an artist, I’m also obviously happy that In.cube8r has provided me an unique and vibrant place to sell my work. Happy times in Melbourne. 🙂

Gorgeous shop!

Gorgeous shop with all manner of lovely handmade things! 100% of sales go back to the makers. If you’re looking for an amazing gift then they wrap your present & have a fabulous range of cards too. Have been shopping here for years! Love it!
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